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Oral Sedation

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Oral sedation is a method of induced relaxation. The patient is given a sedative pill to take by mouth the night before the appointment. By the time of the appointment, the patient is in a relaxed state and remains calm and free of anxiety during the procedure. Since the patient is already under the effect of the medication on his way to the dental office, for safety reasons someone else must drive him to the dentist.

Once at our office, the patient is escorted to the dental chair and given more oral sedation. The chair is laid back, the patient given pillows and blankets and asked to relax for an hour before dental work is begun. The dentist will give appropriate local anesthetic to ensure that it’s a pain-free experience. Most patients can remember only brief moments of the hours-long appointment. The dentist will monitor your vital signs during the appointment and will escort you to your ride in a wheelchair for safety.

Full recovery from oral sedation may take several hours; therefore an escort is also required to drive the patient home. Post op instructions include not taking on any responsibilities for the rest of the day, like child care.

Why Dental Patients Choose Oral Sedation

  • It’s easy. You take a pill an hour before your dental appointment, and the rest of your pills after you arrive at the office.
  • Oral Sedation Dentistry is a safe and effective way of relieving the fear and anxiety associated with going to the dentist, and has been used by dentists for many years, so it has been proven effective.
  • Oral Sedation Dentistry works well for most patients, allowing them to relax and have little to no memory of their dental appointments (partial or total amnesia).
  • Some patients are so relaxed that they sleep right through their dental appointment. When someone is relaxed, they will feel less tired after a long dental procedure.
  • The dentist can complete more dental treatment of higher quality, in a shorter period of time, on a patient who is relaxed from the oral sedation.
  • Patients can be so relaxed and comfortable that a large amount of complex dental treatment can be accomplished in a single dental appointment.
  • People who have trouble getting numb are often helped by Oral Sedation Dentistry.
    If you are afraid of dental work, oral sedation dentistry is right for you!

Oral Sedation Dentistry offers a minimum to moderate level of sedation while being monitored closely by the dentist and a nurse anesthetist if needed. The dentist and staff at Aksarben Smiles regularly offer oral sedation dentistry so you can rest assured that you and your Omaha family will be in expert hands during any procedure requiring dental oral sedation.

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