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Intravenous Sedation

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Intravenous sedation or IV sedation dentistry, is the most powerful method of conscious sedation dentistry for management of moderate to more severe levels of dental anxiety. The sedative drugs along with analgesics are administered directly into the bloodstream through a vein, producing deep relaxation, pain relief and partial amnesia.

Intravenous sedation takes effect almost instantaneously and the nurse anesthetist can control and fine tune the level and length of dental sedation by regulating the flow of the IV sedation drug into the vein. Continuous monitoring of breathing, blood pressure and heart rate are required for patient’s safety. Recovery after IV sedation is usually quick and with limited side effects.

IV sedation is usually the recommended method of conscious sedation for long and invasive dental procedures. Appointment lengths for this method are not limited to the drug that we use, unlike oral sedation, so larger amounts of dental treatments can be achieved in a very predictable manner.

Dental Sedation for Children in Omaha

Children can also have IV sedation performed at Aksarben Smiles in a safe and monitored environment. Some children are too young to understand what is happening or what is expected of them. These same children may have a pressing need for dental treatment and we are happy to offer IV sedation to help them through it. The nurse anesthetist has been providing sedation in hospital and dental offices settings since his graduate program after nursing school, so you know your child will be in caring and expert hands.

If you are an Omaha dental care patient who requires immediate relief from stress and pain during your dental exams, IV sedation dentistry is right for you! Our IV sedation dentist is well-versed and can put any worries you may have to rest. With the combined knowledge and experience of the Omaha IV sedation dentists at Aksarben Smiles, you are in good hands when it comes to IV sedation dentistry! Call Aksarben Smiles today for more information on booking your IV sedation dental appointment.