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Cold Sore Treatment

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Cold Sore Laser Treatment by Dental Professionals

20 minutes to immediate relief

We use a laser to encourage ultra-fast healing and to immediately stop the discomfort. If you suffer from embarrassing and painful cold sores around your lips or in your mouth, you can find the answer to your problem at our office. We have the technology to immediately destroy the cause of your outbreak and simultaneously take away the discomfort.

Benefits of using a laser to treat cold sores:

  • Laser energy destroys the virus that causes the sore
  • Relief is immediate and profound
  • Stops the progression of the lesion after treatment
  • Faster healing without any further discomfort through photo-biostimulation
  • Treatment takes just a few minutes and without anesthesia (needles)
  • After treatment, some sores recur with less intensity and frequency at the same location

Call to make an appointment as soon as you feel the first signs of tingling and warmth in the area of an upcoming outbreak. If you already have a cold sore, we can help you also with faster healing and decreased pain in the treated area.